Hey there! I’m Daniella, the owner and creator of Blossom Brew. I started my passion for skincare in 2016, just after the birth of my first son as a way to live a more intentional life, with “me” time and luxurious products all in the comfort of my own home.

Since becoming a mum, I found it so hard to spend time on myself, time just stepping away and taking a moment just for me. There were times I couldn’t and wouldn’t leave the house and quickly things started to snowball, my feelings, the way I looked and the lack of effort to be honest when it came to me. So this is how Blossom Brew was born.

My first product, which is no longer in the BB family was bath tea’s, yup literally herbal concoctions you place in a re-usable tea bag in the bath. As much as I loved the idea, and still use them at home, it wasn’t quite my vision. So instead, you will notice my synergy of ingredients such as chocolate, honey and coconut which all resemble the things I love, not only in skincare but eating too!

So if you can’t make it down to the day spa or just want to have fun in a bath tub of bubbles then I’ve got you covered. Some days all it takes is a five minute face mask (aka Banana + Bamboo is my absolute favourite) and a hot cup of coffee to feel refreshed, pampered and ready to get your sass on!

So please stay tuned for tips, ideas and recipes I would love to share with you all.

Xx Daniella